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What We Offer
Area/Oriental Rug Cleaning
Oriental and other delicate area rugs can be ruined by traditional, improper cleaning methods. Improper cleaning can damage fibers, bleed colors and leave a messy residue. Lambert Cleaning uses a safe and effective GREEN cleaning system. Our methods do not employ harmful chemicals or other harmful cleaning agents. Our cleanings are fast, pet/family safe and non-toxic. Your area or oriental rug will look beautiful again!
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Basic Cleaning – 41 Point
Our Basic Cleaning service works best if scheduled for any frequency between Daily and Monthly. If it has been more than 3 months since your home was thoroughly cleaned then please consider our Deep Cleaning Package as the starter service then follow up with the basic service to keep your home nice and tidy. We offer fantastic discounts based on the frequency of service. Contact us today to request your free no obligation proposal.
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Carpet Cleaning
At Lambert Cleaning Service, we know that every carpet cleaning situation is unique. That’s why we begin our carpet cleaning service with a complete analysis of your carpet, noting any heavily-soiled or high-traffic areas. Then our cleaning specialists use our highly-effective carpet cleaning method to remove ground-in dirt and debris that may or may not be visible to the naked eye. Our technicians are highly trained, never contracted and most likely carry the Lambert last name and that’s a name you can trust!
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Deep Cleaning – 59 Point
If it has been more than 3 months since your home was thoroughly cleaned then this package was created just for you. This service level is necessary to remove the deep seated dirt & grime and bring your home back to its luster. Performing a deep cleaning sets the tone for your Basic Cleaning Package and ongoing services should you choose them.
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Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning
Furniture and other upholstery are a breeding ground for harmful microbes, which can cause allergies, sickness and offensive odors. Our cleaning system does not use soaps or detergents to mask these problems, but instead uses its green cleaning to eliminate them, thereby restoring the appearance of your furniture.
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Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Service
Moving equals Stress! Let us lighten the load a bit for you. Our professional cleaning services can handle the top to bottom cleaning that you need during your move-in or move-out. We offer competitive rates to get your house spic and span as well as discount rates for property managers, landlords, campuses and multiple dwellings. Don’t forget to have your Carpets cleaned by the professionals too before you turn over your home.
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Office Cleaning In Virginia
Lambert Cleaning knows that first impressions, along with every impression after that, count. We offer a robust facilities maintenance program with a primary objective of helping your business make a great impression, every time! At Lambert Cleaning, we understand the trust businesses place in us to ensure their facilities live up to this great impression expectation.
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Post Construction Cleaning Service
You’ve been through the wringer with your construction or renovation project.  After weeks (or even months) of upheaval, chaos, dust and disorder, your glorious vision is finally completed. Unfortunately, it’s buried under a layer of post-construction and renovation debris.  You look around and ask yourself “Where do I begin?”.
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Power Washing Services
Choosing the perfect power washing company to clean and maintain your home starts with a quick phone or online proposal request. Our team of experts will talk with you about your needs and create a custom service just for you. We are familiar with all types of siding, roofing, concrete, and wood surfaces. Don't forget we do commercial offices too!
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Tile & Grout Cleaning Services
Tile and grout are notoriously difficult to clean. Every homeowner (and business owner!) knows that regular mopping, home tile cleaners and home grout cleaning methods just don't do the trick, especially if you're trying to eliminate stubborn dirt that has settled on tile surfaces or deep into grout lines. Call Lambert Cleaning, and we'll come to the rescue!
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Window Cleaning Service
Clean windows can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your home, and it can be a crucial element in the appearance of your business as well. However, cleaning windows is a big job, and it can be tedious and frustrating, not to mention dangerous. That’s why it makes sense to use Lambert Cleaning Service to provide service for your home or business. We have a four step approach to cleaning residential and commercial windows.
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