Post-Construction Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Before moving into your newly renovated home, conducting a thorough post-construction cleaning is crucial. Dust, dirt, and debris left behind can make your home unlivable and pose safety hazards.

The cleanup process after a renovation can be challenging and laborious, leading to common oversights. Here are some mistakes to avoid when tackling after-construction cleanup:

  1. Furnishing Before Cleaning
    After a long renovation process, rushing into furnishing your new space can be tempting. But doing so can create more work.

    Dust and debris left on surfaces and floors can get trapped underneath furniture, making cleaning harder and potentially damaging your newly finished surfaces. Take the time to complete a thorough post-construction cleanup before placing any furniture in your new space to ensure it stays clean and protected.

  2. Using the Wrong Equipment
    Another common mistake during post-construction cleaning is using the wrong tools. The cleanup after any building work is intensive, so you will need specialized tools like shop vacs and commercial floor polishers, which you can rent.

    Sweeping the floor with a broom will move dust around, making the place harder to clean. And regular vacuum cleaners may not be powerful enough to remove all the debris. They may even break down from excess dirt.

  3. Failing to Wear Protective Gear
    Post-construction cleanup involves exposure to dust, debris, and other hazardous materials that pose health risks. So, you should wear protective gear like gloves and masks to avoid illnesses and injuries.

  4. Not Cleaning From Top to Bottom
    After any construction work, cleaning from top to bottom is crucial. Starting from the top—like walls, windows, and baseboards—ensures that dirt and debris fall downwards to the floor. So, you’re not cleaning the same areas multiple times. Failure to follow this technique can result in additional time and effort spent cleaning the same areas repeatedly.

  5. Disposing of Waste Improperly
    Construction work leaves a lot of mess, so it’s tempting to dump everything together in the trash. However, doing so can harm the environment, cause diseases, and result in hefty fines. So, make sure to follow proper waste disposal protocols.

  6. Wiping Dust With a Wet Cloth
    After a construction project, you’ll mostly be cleaning drywall dust. Wiping it with a wet cloth will create muddy streaks you don’t want to see in your new home. The best thing to do is use a dry microfiber cloth to clean the dust. These materials trap dust and hold onto it rather than spreading it around.

Leave It to the Cleaning Experts
Hiring professional cleaning services after a renovation project will prevent any mishaps. So you can save time and money and enjoy a stress-free cleanup process.

Reach out to us at Lambert Cleaning if you’re searching for thorough and efficient after-construction cleaning services in Virginia. Our professional cleaners will ensure you have a spotless, safe, and healthy living space. Contact us today!