Four Reasons Furniture Cleaning is Important In An Office

While it is very true that a nice, clean office projects a wonderful first impression, it is also true that maintaining a nice, clean office is an excellent way to keep your employees and visitors healthy and safe. Here are four reasons why furniture cleaning counts, and why it is important to contract with cleaning services keep a workplace clean.

1. You’ll Avoid Sick Days

Sick days cost a business money. Lots of it. Everyone knows that sick time is a huge drain on the company’s payroll. It gets worse in the winter when employees are cooped up. This is when germs and bacteria spread and absenteeism increases. For instance, it is understood that snacks and lunches are often consumed by employees at their desks. Over half of Americans do this, and the result is that there are about 100 times more germs on an average typical desk of an employee in the workplace that are found on the average kitchen table in an American home. Desks are not the only dirty areas; office chairs need regular attention from a furniture cleaning service, too. Dirty carpets with ground-in crumbs and spillage can also be extremely attractive to insects, rodents, and critters. A workplace that has a good carpet cleaning service will go a long way in keeping employees healthy. And regular rug cleaning might also prolong the life of your office carpeting, too. 

2. You’ll Increase Productivity

When employees are working in a healthy, clean and well kept workspace, productivity increases. The mood brightens. This change in atmosphere is in direct correlation with good health. When employees are feeling healthy, they are more productive, more creative and have more energy. This could have a direct impact on business profits.

3. You’ll Project Professionalism

A clean and healthy workplace projects a good impression. It tells visitors that you care. It tells visitors that you respect yourself, your employees, your guests and your environment. What is the impression when visitors arrive in a nice, clean, healthy workplace, where things are tidy and space is well-kept? They are given the impression that the employees and everyone associated with the business actually work as a team, and together, everyone cares about the company.

4. You’ll Avoid Accidents and Impurities

With the proper equipment for cleanliness, accidents and impurities can be avoided in the workplace. For instance, trash containers are an ideal way to make sure that odors are controlled and that waste is confined to one spot. The main feature to help in this process is the liner of a trash container. When trash is dumped into the trash container, the liner is easily removed and debris is not left in the container. The container can be sprayed to refresh it, neutralize any odor, and kill bacteria. Another feature to keep a workplace safe and clean are floor mats. Mats absorb liquids such as slush from boots and shoes. This helps prevent falls and slips, which can injure employees and visitors alike. Tracking in debris from the outside is also reduced with a good set of absorbent floor mats.

There are many benefits to office cleaning. It will help reduce sick time, help reduce the chance of injuries from falls, it can help increase productivity and even help enhance your reputation. Furniture cleaning and deep cleaning are two great ways to keep your office clean. But the positive ripple effect of maintaining a nice, clean office goes far beyond the walls of your workplace. Your business will be safer cleaner, more attractive, and you’ll save money. When you think of it in those terms, what’s not to love about office furniture cleaning services?