Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips for Earth Day

Every spring, Earth Day reminds us to live sustainably and responsibly. We must take care of our planet and preserve it for future generations.

Adopting eco-friendly practices in our daily cleaning routines is a simple way to go green. Here are some eco-conscious cleaning hacks that will allow you to celebrate Earth Day year-round while also protecting your home and health:

1. Opt for Green Cleaning Products

Most conventional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can harm the environment and our health. So, opt for products labeled as eco-friendly, and steer clear of ingredients like ammonia, chlorine bleach, and synthetic fragrances.

Better yet, you can make cleaning solutions using natural ingredients already in your pantry, like vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils. For instance, white vinegar is a powerful limescale and stain remover. Mix it with equal parts water to leave your windows, mirrors, and shower heads sparkling clean. You can add lemon juice or other scents to mask the smell of vinegar.

2. Switch From Disposables to Reusables

Minimizing waste is a crucial aspect of an eco-friendly cleaning routine. A simple yet effective way to reduce waste when tidying up your house is by avoiding disposable cleaning tools like paper towels. Instead, use a washable cloth for wiping surfaces.

Besides this, choose cleaning products with reusable packaging. Doing so will help lessen waste and save you money in the long run.

3. Conserve Water

Water is a scarce resource that we have to use wisely. So, conserving it is one thing we should include in our Earth Day cleaning. You can save a lot of water by turning off the tap while scrubbing dishes and switching to eco-friendly settings when using your washing machine or dishwasher. You can also collect water from washing fruits and vegetables and sprinkle it onto your plants afterwards.

4. Repurpose Old Items

Besides avoiding disposables, repurposing old items is another way to lessen waste during your eco-friendly spring cleaning regimen. The best example of this is your old toothbrushes. These tiny brushes are excellent for scrubbing hard-to-reach spots in your faucets, shower tracks, toilet hinges, and stovetops. 

Aside from toothbrushes, you can also repurpose old t-shirts. You can cut them into small squares and use them to wipe windows and mirrors. T-shirts are great for cleaning surfaces because they don’t leave fibers behind.

An eco-friendly cleaning routine is a simple yet effective way to celebrate Earth Day and contribute to a more sustainable future. Additionally, going green when cleaning is good for your health and can help you save money.

Choose Green Cleaning Pros

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