How to Keep a Clean, Mess-Free Home With Kids

For many people, maintaining a clean home is a challenge—an exhausting task that requires time and patience. But, doing it with kids in the house? That can take a lot more effort than usual. Sometimes, it may not even take long before toys and other things get cluttered around the space you just cleaned a while ago. How will you avoid or lessen the stress of such a situation? Here are some tips and tricks:

Get the Kids Involved

Doing household chores is part of living in a family. And, everyone, including the kids, needs to contribute to get it done. Discuss with them the significance of cleaning and create ways for them to become more engaged in it. Play music they can sing and dance to while cleaning. Turn the chore into a game or workout. Incorporating the things they enjoy doing will make housework more of a fun activity and less of a demanding chore.

In getting the kids involved, it’s essential to set realistic expectations. Identify only a few, or at least one, task they can achieve easily. Give them options that are as simple as watering plants or making their bed; then, let them choose whichever they want to do. Fulfilling the task they chose will help them have a sense of freedom and accomplishment.

Place Accessible Storages

Everything should have a place. That includes all the things that often end up being the clutter at home. Set designated spots where they can be placed after your child’s playtime. You can even teach them how to do it themselves by simply placing accessible storages with unique labels or designs they can easily understand.

For example, all red boxes should be for blocks, yellow bins for stuffed toys, and blue for books. This is helpful not only in keeping the space clutter-free but also in teaching the kids how to classify and sort objects, which is fundamental in developing their range of thinking skills.

Use Child-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning lessens dirt in the house, but it can also expose children to health and safety hazards. Several cleaning products contain chemicals that may cause eczema, allergies, and in worst cases, poisoning. Be mindful of every household item that may pose such risks, especially if you want them to help out on cleaning activities.

Purchase non-corrosive, green cleaning products. Look for the ones with “petroleum-free,” “solvent-free,” “phosphate-free,” “biodegradable,” and/or “VOC-free” labels. Also, try diluting chemicals with water to reduce their harsh components. Doing this not only makes them child-friendly but also less costly.

Make Your Space Child-Safe and Clutter-Free

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