Pressure Washing vs. Soft Washing: Which Is More Effective?

Giving your home a thorough, deep clean does more than improve its curb appeal. It also helps eliminate potential health risks that come with the filth that has accumulated.

But, some dirt and grime are too difficult to get rid of, especially when they’re already embedded on the surfaces, in between cracks, or underneath the sidings. If scrubbing them with detergent and water is no longer enough to get the job done, pressure washing or soft washing may just solve the problem.

While they are both effective in eliminating stains, there are a few aspects that make one better than the other. Take a closer look at pressure washing and soft washing, and see which method can provide your home a better clean.

The Difference

Pressure washing, as the name suggests, involves high-pressure water of about 2,500 psi (pounds per square inch) or more. It is often confused with power washing, which applies similar amounts of high pressure. The difference is that the latter uses heated water to blast away dirt.

While it can eliminate almost any type of dirt, pressure washing can only be used on specific surfaces. The blast’s power can damage certain materials like shingles, paints, and sidings; it can even cause physical injuries if not used with caution. This technique is suitable for hard or concrete surfaces, such as decks, stone pathways, and patios.

Soft washing, on the other hand, uses a lower psi, about 500 or less, to clean and rinse surfaces. But even without the pressure, it effectively eradicates stains thanks to special cleaning solutions. These chemicals are biodegradable since they dissolve into carbon and water within a few days, leaving no contaminants behind.

This method is safe to use on relatively delicate surfaces since it uses low pressure. These include roof shingles, screens, sidings, and wooden furniture. Soft washing can also be applied to clean old or decomposing materials. It doesn’t chip paint and protective coating, making it a safer alternative to pressure washing.

The Verdict

With the right solution and proper application, soft washing can produce results that last 4 to 6 times longer than pressure washing. This is because the chemicals used in this method can eliminate both the visible stains and the germs that come with it.

Pressure washing only gets rid of visible dirt, mold, and mildew, not the spores and microorganisms that cause them. So this leaves the surface susceptible to stains and bacteria buildup again.

For a Clean That Lasts Long

Whether you want pressure washing or soft washing for your property, it’s essential to hire a professional to do it for you. Lambert Cleaning’s reliable power washing and soft washing services can make your home’s exterior look new again without harming surfaces. Our staff will ensure that all areas are rinsed well and no chemicals are left behind by the end of the service. Contact us today.