Tips And Tricks For Preventing Colds In The Office

Flu season is officially upon us, but that won’t stop the common cold from wreaking havoc in your office. Whether your office is fighting against the flu, the common cold, or strep throat, a sick office can spell disaster for productivity.

Here are some essential tips and tricks for stopping the spread of sickness in your office.


Start with a clean slate

It’s easier to maintain a healthy work environment than work from the ground up. Start with a clean slate by hiring a specialty cleaning company to get your office in tip-top shape.

A commercial cleaning company has the expertise to get the job done right. A specialty cleaning company will clean your carpets, furniture, tables, desks, bathrooms, and more. Deep cleaning services are the best way to ensure your employees stay healthy.


Stock up on sanitizer

Simply telling your employees to wash their hands more isn’t going to be enough to keep germs at bay. Walk the walk before you talk the talk by buying the necessary supplies for your office. This might include hand sanitizers at desks and communal areas where person-to-person contact is more common; surface disinfectants in different departments; and healthy items like orange juice in the fridge and office snacks like apples. After all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Offer a work-from-home option

While many employers will encourage their staff to stay home when they’re feeling sick, a more proactive approach may be allowing them to stay home without wasting their paid time off.

One of the primary reasons people come in when they’re sick is to avoid missing a day’s pay, but many others come in to avoid using their paid time off. After all, they want to save it for something fun, like a vacation or special event. By allowing employees to work from home, you’re encouraging productivity, autonomy, and preventing sickness in the office.


Did you know Americans will spend $5 billion annually on fighting colds alone? Between visits to the doctor and the cost of treatment, the numbers really add up. Prevent this financial toll in your office by hiring the best commercial cleaning service for your office space: with Lambert Cleaning, our specialty carpet and floor cleaning ensures your office looks as clean and healthy as your employees. Call or visit us online for more information today!