Three Gross Reasons You Need To Clean Your Company Carpet

When it comes to commercial office cleaning, many employers focus on keeping the desks and keyboards clean. After all, bacteria and germs lurk there the most and it just happens to be where employees are most likely to place their hands. By cleaning your workplace’s desks, you can reduce the number of sick days in your office by up to 30%. However, there is a large part of the office that should not go ignored when it comes to overall health and office cleanliness.

That large piece is your company’s carpet flooring.

A carpeted floor should be washed by a professional carpet cleaning service at least once a year. This means a thorough office carpet cleaning, which does not only involve vacuuming it. Here are three gross reasons why it’s necessary:

    1. Bedbugs, dust mites and allergens, oh my!
      According to a 2001 study, a carpet floor can contain even more bacteria than a toilet seat with an approximate number of 200,000 bacteria every square inch. Blegh.Because carpets are made of fiber and not wood, having a dirty carpet year-round is the same as consistently wearing a dirty button-down. Over time, if left unwashed, it can collect skin cells, dust, and stains which in turn attract dust mites and bedbugs which live and travel by fabric.

      Accumulated dust and pollen in your company’s carpet can also cause your employees to lose productivity. Dust and pollen are common allergens and can cause anything from wheezing to itchy, watery eyes and sinus problems.

    2. Pathogens and other illness-causing germs

      The worst of the outside world is often tracked into the workplace by your employees’ shoes as well as your own. If you happen to step in pigeon poop while walking under an underpass or step in swan feces when eating your lunch at the park, the remains of what you failed to get off in the grass are transferred to your company’s carpet flooring. Germs like e. Coli can infect your employees from this kind of bacteria transference. Respiratory illnesses and asthma are also common problems associated with dirty carpets. This makes office carpet cleaning an essential aspect of your company’s cleanliness.

    3. An increasing stench
      Dirty clothes begin to smell musty and off after a while and the same is true of a workplace that hasn’t received office carpet cleaning in over a year. Carpets absorb what you track in on your feet including dirt, snow, grass, dead insects, etc. With this along with additional food crumbs, dead skin cells, hair follicles, and copier ink can create a pungent smell over time if your company’s carpet isn’t cleaned. And no one wants to work in a stinky office.

Office carpet cleaning is essential to any truly clean working environment. Cleaning the desks and keyboards used by employees isn’t enough to keep germs and bacteria at bay. If your workplace begins to get sick regularly despite your efforts for a clean workplace, the cause may be your carpet. Consult a professional carpet cleaning service for routine office carpet cleaning of your company’s carpet flooring and be sure to replace your carpet after 18 months at the most.

With these tips in mind, your carpet is the cleanest it can be. If you’d like a clean carpet in no time at all, don’t hesitate to call our professional carpet cleaning service today.