The 5 Dirtiest Places In Your Office

If you don’t think twice about dust accumulation around the office, you might not want to hear this. Dust particles are composed of 70% dead skin. This is especially unsettling in an office environment where that dead skin accumulation belongs to you and all of your coworkers. Luckily, you can always hire commercial cleaners to remove the dust, but what about all of the other hidden health risks associated with an unclean office?

    1. Water Cooler
      If you live in the 1950s, or your office has a water cooler for some other reason, it is almost definitely filthy. When people reminisce about the weekend while getting a drink of refreshing cool water, they might lean on the water cooler, cough on it, or get their germy hands all over the fill spout. This can lead to increased shared sicknesses between colleagues.


    1. Refrigerator
      We would like to think people wash their hands regularly before lunch, but realistically they don’t. When touching the frequently opened refrigerator door, your hands get contaminated. Then you eat lunch, sometimes using your hands, to touch the food that you’re putting in your mouth. You might as well lick the fridge!


    1. Mouse and Keyboard
      This might not be an issue for some people who don’t share their computer setup, but think of every surface you touched on the way to work. When you get in, you type, scroll, and click your way toward total keyboard contamination.


    1. Carpet
      It isn’t that people regularly touch the carpet, but allergens and dust accumulation can settle in your office carpet over time, making the air much less clean. Hire a specialist carpet cleaning company to take care of this problem for you.


  1. Sink Handle
    Perhaps one of the worst germ harborers of all office surfaces is the kitchen sink. People with dirty hands need to turn on the sink to wash up and turn it off by touching the same dirty surface. At least most modern office bathrooms have motion sensor faucets, but the kitchen sink?

If you are a germaphobe, or just want an altogether cleaner office environment, consider hiring a commercial cleaner to perform professional cleaning services. No one wants dead skin flakes and viruses floating around the workplace. Why risk it? Hire a cleaner today!