How to Know When it’s Time to Call the Carpet Cleaning Company

Cleaning the carpet isn’t something that many of us think about, especially if you’re always busy with work or other activities. In fact, carpet cleaning may be the very last thing on your mind until you see a disaster area in your office or home where your carpeting used to be.

In order to prevent major carpeting damage, you need to know when to have a professional carpet cleaning company come in and get the job done. Here are a few signs that mean it’s definitely time to have some home or office cleaning done on your carpets.

High Foot Traffic

Areas near the front and back doors are typically exposed to high levels of foot traffic, which can be great for a business or a home, but very bad for a nice carpet. If you notice discoloration near these high-traffic areas, then it’s time to get the carpet cleaned. These areas should be vacuumed and wiped down often anyway, but foot traffic can cause stains that only a carpet cleaning service can lift.


Whether you have pets or a lot of spills have occurred on your carpets, if you start to notice strange odors then that’s a sure sign professional cleaning is needed. This is especially important if you’re moving out of a space because carpet damage can come out of a security deposit. A move out cleaning company will often have professional carpet cleaning equipment with them to handle this issue.


Dust particles are comprised of approximately 70% human skin flakes, and they can very easily be trapped in carpeting. If you notice any particularly terrible flare-ups in your allergies, then it could be a sign your carpets need cleaning. Pet dander, dust, and even bits of pollen and other outdoor allergens can all be trapped in your carpet and can cause serious allergies if you don’t have your carpet professionally cleaned.

Don’t wait until these problems become monumental or serious enough to affect your health to call a carpet cleaning company.