House Cleaning Tips For Allergy Sufferers: How To Stop Those Springtime Sneezes and Sniffles

Spring is officially here! While that may be a good reason to rejoice, those who suffer from allergies might not be so happy. During this time of year, seasonal triggers may make spending time outside impossible. But those allergens can actually make their way inside your home and make you feel just as miserable! After all, the air quality in a closed space can be up to 500% worse than the air we breathe outside, especially if you don’t take steps to keep those allergens out. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce your symptoms when you’re spending time inside. When done correctly, a good springtime home cleaning will help rid your home of pollen, dust, and bacteria that can make you feel sick. Follow these house cleaning tips below to keep the sniffles away.

  • Double Up Your Doormats
    Your home’s most-vulnerable spots are the doors, so it’s no surprise that the majority of contaminants found in houses are close to the exterior doorways. But you can stop pollen and dirt from making their way into your home simply by doubling up on your doormats. You should have one doormat outside for each door, which will capture initial layers of dirt and allergens, and an additional doormat inside for each door, too. The inside doormat will help catch what’s left behind. You should also encourage guests to wipe their feet, and you may want to consider asking them to remove their shoes upon entry to reduce the distribution of those contaminants throughout your home. Make sure to shake out both mats on a regular basis (ideally, a couple of times a week).
  • Dust Before Vacuuming
    Whether you’re handling your spring-cleaning yourself or you hired experts to do house cleaning in VA, there are certain steps to a successful home cleaning routine. You should always dust before you vacuum. Otherwise, you’ll just kick up dust and leave it behind, which can irritate your allergy symptoms. When you vacuum second, you’ll be able to pick up any debris that’s fallen on the floor right away. Don’t forget to dust your blinds and window coverings, and keep in mind that damp dust cloths are more effective than dry ones.
  • Change Out Bedding
    You’re likely going to want to change out heavier winter bedding for light spring linens now. But you should also take care of laundering your winter quilts and blankets now. You’ll need to wash them in hot water, which will help kill dust mites that can live in bed linens. Dry them completely before storing them. You may also want to invest in dust-mite-proof covers for your mattress and pillows, as dust mites can cause significant allergy issues for many people.
  • Get Carpets Professionally Cleaned
    Vacuuming is bound to be part of your regular home cleaning, but if you suffer from allergies, you should definitely enlist help from a professional carpet cleaning service once a year or so. Allergens, dust, and dust mites can easily get trapped in your rugs and carpets, which can cause you to suffer even when you’re indoors. A carpet cleaning company will know how to accomplish this in the right way; homeowners who choose to DIY often struggle with the equipment and may even end up with a mold problem. If you want to actually reduce your allergens, rather than adding to them, hire a reputable company that does house cleaning services for this type of job.

Now’s the time to schedule your spring-cleaning! From windows to carpets, Lambert Cleaning has you covered. To find out more information, contact us today for house cleaning in VA. Our company offers house cleaning services for residents in the central Shenandoah Valley, including Harrisonburg, Crozet, Fishersville, Lexington, Staunton, Waynesboro, Stuarts Draft, Charlottesville, and surrounding communities in Virginia.