5 Signs Your Carpets Aren’t As Clean As You’d Like To Believe | Carpet Cleaning Facts

As the leaves start to fall and rain, ice, and snow become more common sights in the weekly forecast, you might find that all that dirt and debris makes its way into your house. Despite all your best efforts, all that grime can make your home, and specifically your carpets, look a bit lackluster. And during a time when viruses and bacteria run rampant, you can never be too careful with your cleanliness. If you think your carpets are fine, you may be in for a rude awakening. Here are five dirty carpet facts that will determine if your rugs aren’t nearly as clean as you’d like to believe they are.

  1. Your carpets are faded
    You might assume that fading carpets are the result of too much direct sunlight, but that may not be the only reason they look less vibrant. Dirty carpets tend to look dull due to long-term debris buildup. That film of dirt may make your carpets look older and in rough shape. Fortunately, hiring professional carpet cleaners can restore your carpeting to its former glory.
  2. Your carpets have an odor
    Even if you vacuum regularly or try to DIY your carpet cleaning, you may still notice your rug has taken on an odor. This can be caused by any of these carpet problems which include excessive moisture to pets to old spills. Any one of these potential culprits will mean that you actually have dirty carpets in your home. There’s a reason that 10% of all cleaning revenue is earned by carpet and upholstery cleaning services: they know what they’re doing. Trust professionals who know carpet cleaning facts, to actually clean them effectively and eliminate odors, rather than using a home remedy.
  3. You notice dust buildup in your home
    You might not always notice it but dust buildup is one of the many carpet problems that homeowners experience as debris tends to sink into the fibers. If you see dust on your furniture or other key parts of a room, it’s bound to be in your carpeting, too. This is especially true in rooms with a high level of foot traffic, as all that stomping around will kick up dirt and distribute it around (which can even exacerbate allergies and other respiratory issues!). If you see dust piling up in other spots in your home, it’s time to supplement your feather duster with professional carpet cleaning in Virginia.
  4. Your carpets no longer feel soft
    Over time, you may find that your carpet doesn’t feel as soft or comfy as it once did. Believe it or not, this can be due to excess dirt and dust. It could also be a result of using improper cleaning agents to get rid of that grime. While some damage may be irreparable, professional carpet cleaners can restore a lot of your carpet’s overall feel. That means it’ll feel a lot better on your bare feet.
  5. You wear shoes inside
    Speaking of bare feet, do you make it a rule to take off your shoes when you come into the house? If not, you’re definitely tracking in dirt and dust that will make its way into your carpet fibers. Even if the signs aren’t always visible, your carpet is only as clean as your shoes are. Whatever ends up on the soles of your shoes will end up in your home, and that poses a threat to your kids and pets. As a general rule, remove your shoes at the door (and encourage your guests to do the same) and get those dirty carpets cleaned right away.

Most people don’t want to face carpet cleaning facts when it comes to their dirty carpets; if they look clean, it’s easy to forget the hidden dirt they might contain. The only way to ensure your home is free from dirt and germs is to have regular cleanings performed by professional carpet cleaners. To learn more about dirty carpet facts or to schedule an appointment for carpet cleaning in Virginia, get in touch with us today.

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