5 Fall Cleaning Tips To Make Your Office Sparkle And Shine

Spring cleaning gets a lot of attention, but it’s just as important to clean your office building in the fall. With seasonal changes come more germs (especially for workers with kids!) and lots of debris. After all, the hands of your staff likely come into contact with 10 million bacteria every day! So if you want to keep your employees healthy and make a good impression on clients or new hires, you’ll want to pay attention to the your office cleaning.

Here are just five tips that’ll ensure your work environment stays spic and span this autumn.

  • Wipe down electronics
    We use our phones, computers, keyboards, mouses, and other electronic devices on a near-constant basis at work. But we don’t like to think about just how grimy those gadgets can get. Your office phone has 21,000 germs per square inch, while the Huffington Post reports that your computer keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat! Make sure to use a microfiber cloth to clean your computer’s monitor and clean your keyboard with compressed air and rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip or towel. You can also use cleaning wipes that are made for electronics for your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Wash windows
    Your office windows say a lot about your company. If they’re foggy or dirty, no one’s going to even want to come inside your office doors! Plus, having dirty windows doesn’t do a whole lot for morale. Your window cleaning should cover both inside and out, as this will create a more inviting environment overall. You should also clean any window treatments in your office; use either a vacuum with a brush attachment (for fabrics) or a microfiber cloth (for vinyl) to make them look as good as new.
  • Clean the carpets
    Most people don’t even want to think about all the germs and dirt that are hiding in their carpeting. But dirty carpets make a poor impression and can make your employees feel sick, either through bacterial infections or allergy and asthma exacerbation. Regular vacuuming is good for maintenance, but you could probably use a deep cleaning at least once a year. Be sure to hire professional cleaning services if you want it done right.
  • Get in the kitchen
    If you’re under the impression that your office bathrooms are the dirtiest spot at work, you’re probably wrong. Bathrooms tend to get a lot of attention, so they’re likely cleaner than you think. The kitchen is a whole different story. With so many people coming in and out, it’s a hot bed for germs and general yuckiness. Clean out the refrigerator on a regular basis and wipe down countertops, cabinets, shelves, microwaves, and coffee makers. Encourage employees to always wash their hands and clean up after themselves. And don’t keep any food or beverages out! Otherwise, you may have to deal with a pest problem in addition to your regular cleaning efforts.
  • Hire the professionals
    Most businesses find that they have to sacrifice productivity when they make their employees take on office cleaning. While some tasks are totally doable (like wiping down their individual desks and cleaning up after their own messes), it’s not fair to ask your regular employees to play maintenance worker, too. If you want your office cleaning done right, you should hire a professional cleaning company. These experienced individuals will be able to pay closer attention to the areas most people miss and will have access to higher-grade equipment. It’s an added expense, it’s one that will pay off in spades: you’ll have fewer absences, higher output, increased employee morale, and better brand impression potential. That makes it a worthwhile investment all around.

This autumn, don’t let your cleanliness fall by the wayside. You may be inclined to DIY all of your office cleaning. There are definitely some items on this checklist that you can take on yourself. But for most business owners, it’s a much better use of time and money to hire a commercial cleaning company. Then, you can focus on what really matters while maintaining a healthier and more attractive work environment for everyone to enjoy.