3 Signs You Need a New Office Cleaning Service

Trying to keep your office clean may seem insubstantial to some, but it’s actually serious business. The typical office workers’ hands come into contact with 10 million bacteria every single day! That means there are plenty of opportunities for your staff to fall ill without a good office cleaning service. That said, bad commercial cleaning services won’t do a thing to keep your employees healthy or make your building look its best. Having trouble telling whether your business cleaning is adequate? These signs will tell you when you should consider hiring new cleaners.

  1. Employee absence is at an all-time highGranted, if the flu has swept the office or there’s another viral outbreak, your office cleaners may not be to blame. But if employees keep getting sick over and over again, you might need to take a closer look at the work environment. If surfaces aren’t sanitized or proper equipment isn’t used on a regular basis, it can foster illness. Can’t remember when the carpet was last cleaned? That could be causing sickness to spread, too. Look at your employee attendance records and sick day requests; if these rates don’t seem to be improving and other factors can be ruled out, you might want to start looking for new cleaning services.
  2. You receive complaints or worry about first impressionsSome clients or visitors may never have the courage to express their thoughts about your unkempt lobby or dirty restroom. But some will have absolutely no qualms about it. You need to take even a singular complaint of uncleanliness very seriously. Dirty carpets and windows can be bad enough, but disgusting common areas are even worse. Should you ever find yourself worrying about what clients think when they arrive at your office, that should be good enough reason to realize your cleaners aren’t cutting it. In the end, your business’s reputation is on the line. You can’t afford to let your cleaners sully it.
  3. Supplies are low or equipment is run downIn order to keep your office clean, your janitorial service needs the proper tools: namely, cleaning supplies and equipment. If you find the bathroom is missing toilet paper or paper towels quite often or their cleaning chemicals aren’t being replaced in a reasonable time frame, it’s important to learn why. Maybe they’re lazy and want to cut corners, or perhaps they don’t have the resources you believed they did. Your cleaners are also responsible for keeping their equipment in good repair; if you find this isn’t the case, you can probably assume your cleaners aren’t as reputable as you thought.

As a business owner, you need to keep your office clean for the sake of your employees and your customers. If any of these signs ring true, you should consider seeking out cleaning service alternatives. To find out more about how our office cleaners can help rectify these issues, please contact us today.