3 Common Myths About Office Cleaning

In any office, there are a heck of a lot of germs. A lot of people underestimate how big an effect this can have on productivity and overall health within an organization. Therefore, there are quite a few commonly held myths about office cleaning that persist — namely, that regular, professional cleaning isn’t a necessity. But nothing could be further from the truth. To that end, here are three myths about office cleaning that we’ve debunked:

MYTH: Employees can handle office cleaning themselves

REALITY: Unless that’s what you’ve specifically been employed to do, cleaning the office should not be a part of your job. Not only does taking responsibility for cleaning the office yourself take away from your overall productivity and performance, but you most likely won’t do as thorough a job as a commercial cleaning company. We have access to the equipment and supplies needed for window cleaning, carpet and floor cleaning, and virtually any other service your office requires. Morale and productivity will increase when employees aren’t charged with taking out the trash or cleaning out appliances.

MYTH: Cleaning doesn’t make much of a difference

REALITY: It makes a huge difference! The average employee comes into contact with 10 million bacteria every day just from their hands. By cleaning and disinfecting common areas, you’ll reduce your chances of becoming sick. In fact, you can reduce your sick days in the office by 30% just by disinfecting your desk on a regular basis. When employees are healthier, productivity goes up — and it will save your business a ton in the long run.

MYTH: Products don’t matter

REALITY: The cleaning products used can affect your environment — and we don’t just mean the atmosphere. Many cleaning services use better, greener cleaning products that don’t contain harmful chemicals. Chemicals like bleach can make the air hard to breathe, and other hazardous substances aren’t even as good at reducing bacteria. By using a professional office cleaning company, you’ll be hiring professionals with expansive knowledge on proper product use and techniques for making your space healthier and safer.

When you’re at work, you need to focus on your job. We’ll focus on ours. Contact us today to find out more about how our commercial cleaning services can help make your business a better and healthier place to be.