When A Mop Isn’t Enough: When To Call For Specialty Cleaning Services

Sometimes, the mess at home just gets to be too much to handle alone. Whether it’s because work has been especially busy and the kids have had free reign of the house, or if you’ve just had a large party that maybe got out of hand, at some point you’ll likely need to call for backup. But just how bad does it need to be before you call for specialty cleaning services? Here are a few situations where you might want to consider getting some extra help cleaning your home.

  • Before or after a move: Whether you’re leaving your old home behind or moving into a new home, you’ll want to make sure your living space is clean. Moving can create a lot of mess, as well as stirring up dust that has gone forgotten in hard-to-reach places. Cleaning services can help you keep your security deposit after a big move.
  • After a big event: Whatever the occasion, big parties can create a big mess to clean up. Sometimes events get out of hand, and food and drink get spilled by guests. For getting a party’s mess under control, home cleaning services can help.
  • For deep cleaning services: Sometimes broom and a mop just aren’t enough to get your home as clean as it needs to be. Homes can be shockingly gross, especially frequently used spaces and appliances. The average keyboard, chair, and computer mouse have roughly 21,000 germs per square inch, and your average desk in a home office can have 10 million bacteria. Deep cleaning services allow you to feel comfortable knowing your home has fewer germs and bacteria in surprising places.
  • To help with stubborn spots: Has that wine stain on the carpet been bothering you lately, or have you been noticing pet smells starting to set into the carpet and chairs in your home? Specialty cleaning services are useful for taking care of those stubborn messes in your home that you haven’t been able to get properly cleaned.

Looking for help getting your home fully cleaned after a particularly large mess, or need help on a regular basis? Contact Lambert Cleaning for more information on specialty cleaning services.