Why You Should Soft Wash Your Siding

Seasonal changes bring about various elements. Your house is designed to withstand them. Your home’s siding, being one of the outermost layers, takes the brunt of everything nature has to offer. They were designed to last for several decades.

However, they are also prime locations for dust, algae, and moss buildups, among others. Periodic cleaning and maintenance are required to ensure their longevity.

The usual methods used to clean them are pressure washing and soft washing. We’ve compiled a guide to help you understand why it is better to soft wash siding than pressure wash it.

It Doesn’t Cause Surface Damage

Soft washing uses low water pressure and chemicals to remove dirt and organic buildup. Unlike pressure washing, which uses high-pressure water jets to clean surfaces, it doesn’t cause damage.

In the US, sidings are usually made of low-cost materials such as metal, wood, and vinyl, with vinyl being the most common of the three. Pressure washing this material can cause cracks and shoot holes into it which effectively reduces the sidings’ integrity and longevity. Soft washing uses low water pressure and eco-friendly chemicals to remove any buildup on your sidings without causing damage.

It’s More Affordable

A common misconception about soft washing is that it is expensive, which couldn’t be further from the truth. While it is true that its equipment is more expensive than power washing equipment, services that offer soft washing are actually affordable. Instead of buying your own, you can hire somebody to do it for you. Ultimately, it can save you more time, money, and energy.

Power washing equipment, despite being cheaper, can actually cause more damage in the future. For example, vinyl siding usually lasts at least 50 years. However, if it becomes damaged from pressure washing, you might need to replace it sooner.

It Can Help Keep Your Household Healthy

The best advantage of soft washing is that it kills off organic matter that pressure washing can’t. Pressure washing only uses the physical force of the water to remove dirt and grime, while soft washing uses a chemical treatment to get rid of unwanted organic growth. Because of the nature of these chemicals, they cannot be applied using high water pressure. With soft washing techniques, they can stay longer on surfaces to maximize efficiency.

Vinyl sidings are common breeding grounds for algae, fungi, and other plants. These organisms can release spore and pollen, which can cause allergies and illnesses. Chemicals used to soft wash vinyl siding addresses the root of the issue by killing these spore-forming and pollen-releasing organisms and inhibiting their growth.

Get Your Sidings Cleaned Today

We have listed the reasons why it is better to soft wash siding than pressure wash it. Soft washing preserves your home’s integrity and keeps maintenance costs at a minimum. Not only that, it also helps you keep a healthier household. For more information, feel free to contact Lambert Cleaning today.