Guidelines for Effective Fogging to Fight COVID-19

You may have seen footages of people in hazmat suits spraying disinfectants over streets, homes, and offices. This particular method is known as “fogging.” It is an efficient way of disinfecting surfaces since it covers large spaces quickly. But not everyone can use it as they wish. There are strict guidelines to follow when working with fogging methods in sanitizing.

Follow Federal Law and Guidelines

Fogging is a safe and effective disinfection method when you use the right fumigant. But if you work with something that is not Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) -approved, you’re exposing yourself and, and most likely, other people to potentially hazardous chemicals. For this, you can be charged with a federal offense.

Some chemicals commonly used for fogging are formaldehyde, and other phenol- and ammonium-based compounds. Although they are commonly used to disinfect outdoor surfaces and indoor areas, they have strict protocols for using them. They are not authorized by the EPA for use by the general public. The unauthorized use of these substances for fogging is illegal under federal guidelines. To ensure that you are using the right disinfectants and following correct guidelines, make sure to follow this next tip.

Always Check With the EPA

To ensure what you’re using is safe, you must always check with the EPA. They have released a compilation of products under “List N,” which compiles all disinfectants approved for fogging depending on the site, surface types, and active ingredients.

All disinfectants available on the market should have an EPA Registration Number on the product label. You may enter that code on the List N Tool found on EPA’s website.

to validate if it is safe to use for fogging. The website is pretty straightforward. It gives you an overview of a product and other information you might need to ensure your personal and environmental safety.

Ask Professionals to Handle It for You

It is always best to consult a professional or let them do the fogging for you. Since a number of chemicals have varying reactions to different surfaces, it is essential to fully understand what can be applied to which. A carpet, for example, might discolor if you use something that’s meant for hardwood floors.

When it comes to outdoor fogging, some chemicals can pollute the soil, harming plant and small animals. These substances can also dissolve in the soil and contaminate the water supply.

Following these guidelines will give you the knowledge that you need when choosing disinfectants that enable you to fight COVID-19. If you’re looking for professional fogging services that follow federal guidelines, Lambert Cleaning is here for you. We use non-toxic disinfectant fogging solutions that are approved by the EPA and the FDA. For more questions about our services, you can give us a call today.