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5 Fall Cleaning Tips To Make Your Office Sparkle And Shine

Spring cleaning gets a lot of attention, but it’s just as important to clean your office building in the fall. With seasonal changes come more germs (especially for workers with kids!) and lots of debris. After all, the hands of...
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Common Carpet Care Problems And How To Avoid Them

Many of us rely on carpets to make our homes and offices more attractive and comfortable. But carpets aren’t without their pitfalls. There’s a good reason why 10% of all cleaning industry revenue is earned by upholstery and carpet cleaning...
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3 Ways Commercial Cleaning Services Can Create a More Positive Work Environment

As a business owner, it’s safe to estimate that you spend anywhere from 40 to 60+ hours per week at the office, effectively making it your second home. And it could be the same to some of your employees. With...
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Three Gross Reasons You Need To Clean Your Company Carpet

When it comes to commercial office cleaning, many employers focus on keeping the desks and keyboards clean. After all, bacteria and germs lurk there the most and it just happens to be where employees are most likely to place their...
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Before You Hire House Cleaners, Ask Them These 3 Questions

We spend most of our time indoors, whether at the office or in our homes. And since the air quality of indoor spaces can be up to 500% worse than what we breathe in outside, you need to clean these...
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5 Tips When Hiring Move Out Cleaners

Moving is a stressful time: living out of boxes, constantly packing, no time to relax. And then comes moving day. You spend hours moving boxes into a van, transporting them, only to immediately unload them. You might have to repeat...
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Why You Should Hire Professional Cleaners For Your Business

Americans work a lot, that’s a fact. People in the United States spend at least 1,896 hours per year at work, on average. We take fewer vacation days and work more overtime than many of the other nations in the...
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3 Ways Hiring Cleaners Can Help Your Business Succeed

No matter whether you run a small business or a large corporation, your workplace needs to be welcoming, safe, and professional in order to succeed. You might not realize it, but hiring reputable commercial cleaners can help grow your business...
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You Missed a Spot: Overlooked Office Areas You Need to Clean

If you run a business, you probably don’t want to take on janitorial duties yourself. By hiring commercial cleaners, you can focus on more important matters within your company. But commercial cleaners can also improve the health of your employees...
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Hire At Your own Risk: 3 Reasons You Should Avoid Cheap Carpet Cleaners

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get a good deal. Both homeowners and business owners alike love finding ways to save money. But if you skimp on your house or office cleaning services, you’re likely going to be unsatisfied with...
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