4 Tips To Get Your Home Sparkling Clean Before The Holidays

When you host for the holidays, you want your home to look its best. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can keep your home tidy during the holidays without breaking your back over a mop.

Here are four tips you can use to clean your home quickly before guests arrive and how you can keep it clean during their stay.

  1. Start cleaning a week in advance. It’s true that dust can collect throughout the day. After all, dust particles are made up of 70% dead skin flakes (gross!). But you can easily dust and make touch-ups the day before guests arrive if you do all the major cleaning days beforehand. Assign chores if you have kids to help make the workload easier.
  2. Deep clean areas where guests will be. You can get away with straightening your bedroom and getting rid of clutter. But you want to focus on deep cleaning the bathroom and medicine cabinets where guests will frequent. If your guests are spending the night, make sure the guest bedroom is up to hotel standards.
  3. Organize your coat closet. The coat closet is where your family members and friends will be hanging up their coats as they walk in. You want to make sure there’s enough room for them to hang them up. Move any rarely used coats or materials to your bedroom closet for the time being. Otherwise, you might end up using your bed as the coat closet and you don’t want guests coming in and out of your room.
  4. Hire professional cleaners. There’s only so much cleaning you can do on your own. Even with help, some stains can just refuse to let go of your carpet and dust can linger in corners you forgot about. Professional cleaners can help you get your home looking great in no time so you can focus on the rest of your holiday to-do list instead of cleaning the house. A carpet cleaning service can help to get the stains out from your carpets and rid your home of any lingering dust, dander, and debris.

If you need a deep cleaning fast, you can’t do it alone. That’s where the professional deep cleaning services of Lambert Cleaning come in.

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