Why Carpet Cleaning Is More Important Than You Think

Do you know that among the soft, fancy fibers of your carpet hide different kinds of dirt, allergens, and bacteria? There’s basically a whole new world of pollutants in there! And with every step (of foot or paw) comes new debris that keeps accumulating on and beneath the surface.

Most homeowners tend to overlook the need to have their carpets cleaned regularly and professionally. But just because it appears fine or decent on the surface, doesn’t mean the washing can wait another year or two. Here’s why carpet cleaning is more important than you think:

Eliminates Bacteria That Can Pose Health Risks

Carpets are potential breeding grounds for various kinds of microorganisms. In fact, they can contain about 200,000 bacteria per square inch. This may include fungi spores, mold, and allergens that can trigger respiratory illnesses and allergic reactions. Thoroughly cleaning your rug will get rid of microbial growth, eliminating the chances of putting your family’s health at risk.

Improves Overall Appearance

Area rugs and carpets are actually great pieces that add to the overall aesthetic of the interiors of a house. They can liven up a room, but not when they’re covered with grime and dirt. Always have a warm welcome ready for your guests. After a thorough carpet cleaning in Staunton, your place will look more vibrant and refreshing, and you can’t help but show off to your visitors.

Prevents or Eradicates Foul Odor

Smelly carpets are common among households that have pets. Your four-legged friends can contribute to that pungent odor—from their urine to the microscopic bits of droppings and grime from their paws that find their way onto the rug. But your dog or cat is not always the culprit. The stench can also come from moisture that gets trapped underneath the pile. To eliminate the foul smell, get your floor mat professionally washed through carpet cleaning in Staunton.

Bring the Magic Back to Your Carpet

Lambert Cleaning offers thorough carpet cleaning that leaves your rug free from any dirt, bacteria, and unpleasant odors. Our wide range of services also includes power washing, deep cleaning, disinfectant fogging, and more! Get in touch with us now and we’d be happy to assist if you have any inquiries.