Three Reasons Why Workplace Cleanliness Is Important

With hectic schedules and other production aspects that need to be prioritized in managing a business, it can be easy to put off a thorough workplace cleaning. But, while it may seem like a task that can be done some other time, frequent decluttering and sanitization are vital for any company no matter the industry. Here are the reasons why:

Promotes Good Health

Employees spend a huge chunk of their day at their workplace. And with plenty of people sharing the same space, it’s not surprising that a huge amount of germs are lurking in offices. In fact, break rooms have the highest contamination level in the office, with an average dining table containing 20,951 germs per square inch.  Computer keyboards were also discovered to have a high bacteria count, while sink and microwave door handles are considered the dirtiest surfaces.

Surface-transmitted pathogens can spread quickly in the most commonly-used places in the workplace. These microorganisms may cause a number of employees to get ill, especially during flu season. Sanitizing worksite facilities and promoting good hand and surface hygiene among employees can help reduce sick days.

Increases Employee Satisfaction

According to the 2017 Healthy Hand Washing Survey, 89% of Americans believe that the company’s degree of values manifests in how well-maintained the workplace restrooms are. Unpleasant washroom smells, clogged toilets, grimy tile and grout, and empty toilet paper dispensers speak volumes for how employers prioritize their workers’ satisfaction.

Helps Create Good Impressions

First impressions can make or break a potential business deal or a customer visit experience. Sometimes, what people observe when they walk through the doors of the company is enough for a prospective partner or client to make judgments about the business. It’s up to the employers to make it either a positive or a negative one.

Keeping the business space as neat and organized as possible is key to leaving a good impression to whoever’s visiting. Remember that having the exterior of the building free of any unpleasant dirt or grime is just as important as maintaining the cleanliness of the rooms, workstations, and lobbies. So, if you’re getting commercial janitorial services, you may want to also include power washing in Charlottesville, VA for the façade.

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