Killing Household Germs: How to Effectively Sanitize Your Home

Human health and sanitation are closely connected. Without the latter, one may be exposed to risks that can cause different diseases or illnesses. Sometimes, people tend to overlook that fact. But with the current threat of coronavirus, many are now realizing the need to clean and disinfect their surroundings, particularly their homes.

While some homeowners confuse disinfecting and cleaning, they are, in reality, two different concepts. Merely wiping the surfaces with detergent and water, which you commonly do when you clean, doesn’t actually kill germs. Instead, doing so physically just removes them off the objects. Disinfecting, on the other hand, exterminates bacteria using chemicals, which then lowers the risk of spreading contagions.

Even though they’re different, both tasks still serve as an important approach to house sanitation. You just need to follow these steps to achieve a germ-free home:

Start With the Cleaning

The first step to a germ-free house is to clean the area properly. To do this, remove as many solid materials as possible. If you have any unwanted items stored in your garage or attic, like junk or old appliances, dumping them can be the best start. Sweep the floors in your home, including the spaces beneath your furniture. You never know what kinds of germs or dirt are hiding in there.

Wash the Surfaces

Walk around your home and start working on the surfaces that are most frequently-touched like doorknobs, tables, light switches, and faucets. Then, proceed with the floors, walls, and furniture. Use soap and water to remove visible dirt and stains. Just remember to wear gloves so you won’t be directly exposed to microorganisms that may be present on the objects.

Disinfect the Entire Space

Now, this can be challenging. Unlike cleaning and washing, disinfecting requires the use of specific solutions and technology. One way to do this is through fogging. This method utilizes certain chemicals that disperse into the area as a disinfectant aerosol, which can reach even the most inaccessible crevices. To ensure its effectiveness and safety, it’s best to call a provider for fogging service.

Seek the Help of Experts in Killing Household Germs

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