Common Carpet Cleaning Catastrophes to Avoid

Whether at home or work, most of us are familiar with struggling with a stained rug or a carpet filled with dust, dirt, and pet fur. Even though we know these issues may make a poor first impression, many of us fail to take action to clean our carpets — or, perhaps even worse, make mistakes with our cleaning methods. Fail to clean your dirty carpets correctly (or at all) and your family could be faced with increased allergy symptoms and illnesses, the need to replace your carpeting more frequently, and judgmental looks from friends and family. To that end, you should avoid the following cleaning mishaps.

Not Treating Stains Immediately
The number one rule of carpet cleaning: you must treat stains right away. If you wait too long to do something about them, they’ll most likely set and be much harder to remove. Not only will this impact the look of your carpeting on the surface, but certain ingredients may even eat away at carpet fibers and stain the padding underneath your carpet. To preserve the caliber of your carpeting, make sure to take swift action when something is spilled.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Product
As we mentioned, it’s important to treat stains immediately so they don’t set. But you need to use the right cleaning products for the job. Otherwise, you could actually make the problem worse. Some household cleaners on which you regularly rely — particularly ones that contain bleach — can do permanent damage to rugs and carpets. Be sure to read the ingredients carefully before DIYing stain removal at home or at work. You may also want to conduct a patch test or check with the manufacturer for cleaning product recommendations.

Renting Carpet Cleaning Equipment
Some people are under the testosterone undecanoate pills for sale impression that renting professional equipment is just as effective as hiring carpet cleaning services. But the truth is that this isn’t always the case. Even though carpet shampooers and steam cleaners should restore the look of your carpeting, you may not be able to trust the rental company to properly clean and maintain this equipment between uses. You might end up bringing dirt and other contaminants into your home or do further damage to the carpet if the machine is clogged or faulty in some way.

Underestimating the Benefits of a Carpet Cleaning Company
You might be inclined to rent cleaning equipment in lieu of working with local carpet cleaning services. But judging from the points made above, that’s often a big mistake. Those employed by carpet cleaning companies in your area are trained to remove stains and other contaminants effectively without harming your property. They also have access to top-notch equipment and can provide you with valuable peace of mind. It’s no wonder than 10% of all cleaning revenue is earned by upholstery and carpet cleaning services. Your carpet should be cleaned professionally at least once per year, thus eliminating dust, allergens, pathogens, and stains in your home or office. By working with the professionals, you’ll restore the aesthetic quality of any room and allow its occupants to feel better in their surroundings.

We hope this information will allow you to avoid some of the most common carpet cleaning mistakes in the future. To find out more about our services, please contact us today.