Common Carpet Care Problems And How To Avoid Them

Many of us rely on carpets to make our homes and offices more attractive and comfortable. But carpets aren’t without their pitfalls. There’s a good reason why 10% of all cleaning industry revenue is earned by upholstery and carpet cleaning services: these services are sorely needed to make our dirty carpets fresh and clean again. These materials tend to gather dirt, bacteria, and stains, and if you don’t practice proper cleaning methods, your carpets may become an assault to both your eyes and your health. While some of these common carpet care issues below may not be able to be reversed, you can prevent them by following our tips and by contacting an experienced carpet cleaning company when needed.

PROBLEM: Shrinking Carpets
If you forgo hiring reputable carpet cleaning services and decide to DIY instead, you run the risk of carpet shrinkage. Ultimately, this will look unattractive and may totally ruin your carpet. This may be the result of using too much or overly hot water during cleaning or using an improper cleaning method on carpets of natural fibers. You can prevent this issue by making sure your carpet cleaners understand what your rugs require and refrain from using methods that could harm the material.

PROBLEM: Fast Resoiling
Did you just had your carpets cleaned only to find they’re dirty again? It could be because the wrong cleaning product (or an excess of product) was used. Your carpet cleaners will need to make sure that the products they use work for your carpets and that they use the correct amounts. Otherwise, there can be lots of residue left over and your carpets won’t really be clean at all. If this happens to you, you’ll need to get rid of that residue with more water. However, it’s best to work with professionals who understand that every carpet needs to be treated slightly differently.

PROBLEM: Static Electricity
This may not be a cleaning issue, necessarily, but it’s a problem that many families experience during the winter. Those static shocks are often preventable. Typically, carpet static indicates that a room is too dry. Using a humidifier, opening a window for fresh air, reducing friction from foot traffic, and using an anti-static spray product can work wonders. If you live in an area where temperature and humidity levels decrease significantly during certain times of the year, you can protect yourself by safeguarding your carpet properly.

While carpet cleaning services may not solve every rug-related problem in the world, hiring professionals can ensure that your home looks its best and that your family stays healthy. For more information on how we can help, get in touch with us today.