3 Questions To Ask Home Cleaners in Virginia Before Hiring Them

We spend most of our time indoors, whether at the office or in our homes. And since the air quality of indoor spaces can be up to 500% worse than what we breathe in outside, you need to clean these areas regularly. A highly effective way to keep up with your cleaning duties is to hire residential cleaning services. But before you decide to hire a group of home cleaners in Virginia or just any residential cleaning company you find online or through a personal reference, you’ll want to ask the following questions to ensure they’re reputable, reliable, and efficient.

Are your residential cleaning services insured?
You might be tempted to hire someone who does house cleaning on the side to maximize their income, but most of the time, you’ll be much better off going with a more established company. Most residential cleaning services will carry liability and worker’s compensation insurance to protect both you and your employees. That way, you’ll be covered if something in your home breaks or goes missing. In addition, both you and these employees will be protected in case someone gets hurt during house cleaning duties. Any service will be glad to provide you with the proper credentials you need to verify their insurance.

Will these cleaners provide their own equipment and supplies?
Many residential cleaning services will bring their own cleaning equipment and supplies to every job. Others will bring equipment but will expect the homeowner to provide the cleaning materials. This can be a good thing if you’re particular about the cleaning products you use in your home (for example, if you want only green cleaning products or members of your family have respiratory sensitivities). However, many home cleaners in Virginia are glad to provide either traditional or eco-friendly products, as long as they’re made aware beforehand. It’s typically a good idea to ask about what your house cleaners will bring along, especially if they expect you to provide a vacuum cleaner or large-scale equipment you don’t already own!

What’s included in these cleanings?
Don’t make assumptions about the kinds of duties that your residential cleaning service will perform. Both you and your cleaning company need to discuss what’s expected and what services will be covered in regular visits. If you want to use a cleaning company for only heavy-duty jobs like deep cleaning, that’s very different than a weekly light cleaning. Since the types of services determine the cost, it’s important to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Ideally, you should get duties laid out in writing. But if you aren’t clear about what areas need to be focused on, you might become frustrated if they’re bypassed. Make sure everyone understands what needs to be cleaned on a routine visit and what services are considered special add-ons.

Finding the right house cleaners for your needs can be a bit of a trial-and-error process. But if both you and your chosen residential cleaning services effectively communicate expectations and what’s being provided, everyone is more likely to be satisfied with the relationship. Above all, don’t be afraid to ask questions from your home cleaners in Virginia! They’ll keep you from hiring a sub-par company and make certain that you’re happy with the results.

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