6 Spots You’re Likely To Overlook During Home Cleaning (But Shouldn’t)

Home cleaning can be stressful, especially around the holidays. Between the cooking and hosting, you’ll scarcely be able to find time for carpet and window cleaning. And with so much hustle and bustle going on, it’s easy to overlook certain spaces in your home. That can come with a cost: after all, 60 million school days and 50 million work days are lost each year just due to the common cold, and who knows where germs could be lurking? As long as you pay attention to these areas during your residential cleaning, you’ll lower your risk of getting sick and will make sure your home looks spotless for all your seasonal entertaining.

  1. Ceiling Fans: Since temperatures have cooled down, you probably aren’t running your ceiling fans as often. This will cause them to start collecting dust. And because they’re so high up, it’s easy to forget about them. But it’s important, particularly for allergy sufferers or those with other respiratory issues, to clean them during the winter. Wipe them down with a clean pillowcase once a month to keep your rooms dust-free.
  2. Doors And Door Frames: The interior doors in your home tend to get dirty and scuffed up over time. You might be surprised to see just how much wiping them down regularly can freshen up a space. Pay particular attention to your door frames and wipe them down to get rid of dust and debris. You can, of course, touch up marks with a little bit of paint afterward.
  3. Large Appliances: You might well remember to clean out the fridge every so often or wipe down the stove top. But how often do you clean underneath the oven or behind the refrigerator? There’s definitely a lot of food, dirt, and dust back there, and that can encourage pest activity or even damage to the appliance itself. It may not be the most enjoyable chore, which is why many people choose to hire professional cleaning services for deep-level home cleaning tasks like these.
  4. Handles, Knobs, And Light Switches: We use handles, knobs, and switches on a near-constant basis, but most of us forget they need to be cleaned. They really need to be cleaned more often than other areas, considering how many times they’re used in a day. Germs can spread quickly in these spots, so make sure to wipe down bedroom and bathroom knobs and handles, kitchen, pulls, faucets, and all light switches with an anti-bacterial cleaning agent regularly.
  5. Trash Cans: Taking out the garbage is a bit of a no-brainer, but cleaning the interior of the bin is a duty that often goes ignored. Many times, taking out the trash and replacing the bag won’t take away the odors left behind. You’ll need to give the can a thorough scrubbing and rinsing to eliminate smells and germs. You can also spray it with a disinfectant in between these cleanings. Be sure to wipe down the outside too, especially it’s in open view of your guests.
  6. Air Vents: Air vents naturally collect and filter dust, but if too much gets stuck on the grates, it can impact the quality of air in your home. Be sure to incorporate those grates into your home cleaning schedule this season by wiping down vents and changing out the air filters regularly. Not only will cleaning your vents and changing the filters help with dust allergies, but it may even make your home more energy efficient. Your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to make your home comfortable, which means you may even enjoy lower bills each month.

Doing all your holiday home cleaning can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. By tackling these little jobs throughout the year and hiring professional cleaners for the season, you’ll be able to play host and actually enjoy being home for the holidays. Call us today to find out how we can help ease the burden this year.