Why You Should Have a Year-End House Cleaning

As the year comes to an end, most people come up with resolutions that they plan to accomplish in the upcoming year. One of which is to clean a year’s worth of accumulated clutter in the house. Not only is holiday cleaning a good way to welcome the new year, but it also allows you to have more space for new memories that you’ll be making. 

This ideology is similar to a Japanese practice called osoji cleaning. It refers to the major ritual of cleaning Japanese people do at the end of each year. It includes cleaning areas in your home that are usually overlooked, like top shelves, storage areas, ventilation fans, bedrooms, and more. For a more thorough understanding, here’s a list of reasons why you should do a year-end cleaning. 

It Helps Clear Your Mind

One of the contributing factors to stress and anxiety is the being unorganized of one’s home. Having a cluttered environment disrupts your focus and causes frustration and, eventually, stress. Studies show that the sight of clutter reduces your brain’s working memory. So, to help you focus, remove any visual distractions and keep your home organized. 

It Helps You Sleep Better

The amount of sleep that each person gets impacts their well-being, so adults are advised to get at least 7 hours of sleep to get enough rest each night. However, it’s difficult to sleep in an unclean environment. In a poll made by the National Sleep Foundation, some people included having a clean bedroom as one of the essential factors that helped them sleep better. Many experts recommend having a routine of washing your beddings to eliminate body oils and dust mites in your sheets.

It Reduces the Risk of Getting Sick

Germs and bacteria can live anywhere in your home. So, a residential deep cleaning will help reduce the chances of these particles from building up and causing diseases. Aside from that, cleaning will improve the air quality in your house and decrease your family’s possibility of having allergies to dust and mold. 

Get in Touch With Expert Cleaners

These are just some of the benefits you’ll enjoy after completing a year-end holiday cleaning in your home. To hire professional cleaners that can do this for you, call Lambert Cleaning in Staunton, VA. We have a variety of cleaning services available, including residential deep cleaning. Contact us to know more about our quality of work.