The Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Checklist for Your Home

During spring, trees and plants release pollen that can trigger spring allergies. They affect your immune system and cause sneezing, coughing, and runny nose.

One way to control your allergy is to reduce the number of allergens and germs by doing house cleaning. To guide you on how to do it efficiently, written below are some things you should tick off your spring-cleaning checklist.

Wipe the Walls and Surfaces

When cleaning your home, it’s always best to start from the top. This means cleaning the walls, ceilings, and other hard-to-reach surfaces. Some of the things you’ll have to look for in these areas are cobwebs, grime, and even mold. Use a clean cloth soaked in a mixture of soap and water to remove these types of dirt.

Clean the Rugs, Carpet, and Upholstered Furnishings

Your carpet, rugs, and upholstered furnishings are some of the parts of your home that are most prone to accumulating dust. So, to eliminate these particles, you may opt to use a vacuum. You may also do deep cleaning, but make sure to be gentle to avoid damaging the delicate surfaces on your upholstered furniture.

Wash Your Window Screens and Fans

Another thing that you should also tick off from your checklist is washing your window screens and fans. These fixtures also collect dust which, when inhaled, can trigger an allergic reaction. To clean your screens, combine warm water and mild dishwashing soap. Using an old toothbrush, scrub the cleaning solution on each screen lightly.

On the other hand, cleaning the fans will require unplugging the appliance, detaching the blades, and removing their outer cover. This allows you to clean them safely using a cloth and a mixture of water and mild detergent without affecting the fan’s motor. Then, let them dry first before assembling all the parts back.

Vacuum and Mop the Floors

Once you’re done with everything else, the final thing to do is clean the floor. Use a vacuum cleaner that can efficiently collect dust, dirt, and even large debris. After all the areas have been covered, you can then sanitize the floor using a mop. This will get rid of all bacteria and germs, including those that stick to the bottom of your shoes.

Call a Cleaning Company

Cleaning your home entails doing many things, and it can be difficult to accomplish everything, even with a spring-cleaning checklist. So, if you need assistance, reach out to Lambert Cleaning in Staunton, VA. We can do any type of work, including deep house cleaning services. Call us today!