How to Soft Wash Playground Structures

Playgrounds are safe spaces for children where they can have fun while developing their physical, social, and cognitive skills. Also, through these spaces, they can make new friends and learn how to interact with them. But because playgrounds are common areas where many children go, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. So, regular sanitation by playground cleaning services is important to ensure that kids can play in these areas safely. One way to sanitize a playground is through soft washing. 

Why Choose Soft Washing?

In addition to water, soft washing uses cleaning solutions, soaps, and other chemicals for cleaning surfaces. These are effective for removing bacteria, mold, and mildew and resolving their root causes. This is important because these bacteria and fungi can contribute to the wear and tear of your playground structure. Explained below is the soft washing process.  

Clear the Area

Before anything else, make sure the playground area is vacated. Although the solution used isn’t corrosive, it might cause irritation to the skin after direct contact with the substance.

Brush Away Any Debris

Once the area has been cleared, brush away any dust, dirt, or debris on the surface. This helps lessen the dust you have to clear out while preventing it from spreading upon applying the solution.

Apply the Solution

When applying the solution, use a hosepipe with your desired nozzle attached to it. But, make sure that the nozzle does not use a direct force of water as it might strip the paint off. One of the tips you can consider is the 25° nozzle tip, as its spray pattern is gentle yet concentrated enough for hard surfaces. Afterward, let the solution sit for about an hour for more effective results. 

Rinse and Let It Dry

The next step is to rinse the solution off the surface thoroughly. Make sure that all of its traces are washed away as the residue can still affect the surface. Then, let the playground dry out first before allowing children to come and play in it again. 

Let the Experts Do It

Cleaning a playground structure requires a lot of work that is best left to professionals to ensure that the job’s done safely. For playground cleaning services, call Lambert Cleaning in VA. We have experts that are efficient in using soft washing services to clean these surfaces for your child’s safety. Call us for more details about our work.