Restoring Old Brickwork With Soft Washing

Bricks are a common material used for home and building construction for their durability and fire resistance. But like other kinds of masonry, they get dirty over time, mostly because of moss and mold growth on their surfaces.

As such, brick restoration is essential to remove unwanted elements and clean its appearance. To understand how to do it safely through a soft washing technique, here are some steps involved in the process:

Cover or Move Nearby Objects

The cleaning solvents used for the bricks may be harmful to other elements in your home. So, before cleaning, you have to make sure that all plants and other nearby objects are moved to a different area. Also, doors, windows, and light fixtures should be covered with a tarpaulin cloth to prevent destruction.

Remove Small Weeds

After clearing out all the nearby objects, you can start the cleaning process by removing small weeds that have grown within tiny cracks in your siding. This way, you can reduce the number of elements you need to clean from the masonry surface. You can do this by applying herbicides, pouring a warm saltwater solution, or pulling them out manually.

Make the Cleaning Solution

Once all the weeds have been cleared, you can start creating a cleaning solution using simple ingredients found at home. You can mix water with either soap, vinegar, or laundry bleach, as these are all advisable for removing stains, mold, mildew, and moss. But make sure that the cleaning agent you’ve chosen is diluted using equal amounts of water to avoid damage to the surface.

Load the Mixture Into the Sprayer

Once a solution is made, you can now load it into the agricultural sprayer. Use this device with a 25° green nozzle tip to spray the mixture thoroughly on the stone masonry surface. This type of nozzle tip is ideal for soft washing as it uses a concentrated yet gentle spray pattern. After that, leave the solution on for about three to five minutes for it to be absorbed before rinsing it off.

Turn to Cleaning Experts

Brick restoration is a meticulous process. To be sure that it is done correctly, it’s best to leave it with the professionals. For soft washing services on brick surfaces, reach out to Lambert Cleaning in Staunton, VA. Call us today to know more about what we can do for your home.