Deep Cleaning Your Home for Allergy Season

For most people, allergy season is one of the most dreadful parts of the year. It is around this time when people with seasonal allergies experience frequent sneezing and coughing. This is caused by common allergens that come from wind-pollinated plants like weeds, grass, and trees. The pollens travel in the air and cause allergic reactions to people who come in contact, which in most cases occur to those with allergic rhinitis.

Indoor allergens like mold, mildew, dander, and pet fur also trigger allergies. With this in mind, it’s vital to keep your house clean to prevent risking your family’s health. You can achieve this either by hiring an allergy house cleaning service or following some cleaning tips for your home. Here are some of them:

Create a Regular Cleaning Schedule

With busy schedules at work, people may not have the time to clean their houses. As an effect, dust and other particles accumulate in different places. To avoid this, one of the things you can do is create a cleaning routine that will help you finish faster. This way, you can get rid of these irritants without being exposed for too long.

Wash Your Beddings and Curtains With Warm Water

You can also remove dust mites from your beddings and curtains by using warm water. Make sure that the water is at 130 to 140 degrees F to kill the bacteria. Do this once or twice a week as you change your pillowcases and bed covers. 

Remove Developing Molds

Mold grows in places with lots of moisture. Some of the common areas where it develops include your roof, windows, pipes, and even your bathroom. It induces allergic reactions; that is why it’s essential to remove them immediately.

Keep Away From Scented Cleaning Products

People with allergies are likewise sensitive to things with strong fragrances. The scent irritates their nasal airways, causing them to sneeze, cough, and sometimes even develop headaches. With this, unscented products are your safest option when purchasing cleaning agents. 

Reduce the Clutter

Piles of unused boxes and unorganized clothes are potential areas for dirt to build up and for insects like cockroaches to hide. That is why if you want to minimize your time in cleaning, remove these boxes and sort your things as much as you can. 

Get Professional Help

These are some of the things you can do to maintain an allergy-free home for your family. But if you need an allergy house cleaning service, call Lambert Cleaning in Virginia. Our deep cleaning solutions will protect your loved ones against triggering allergens. Contact us to book our service today!